Thank you for visiting our new website. Our intention with this blog is to provide our clients and anyone else who is interested with valuable information about the PCB design and manufacturing process. Over the course of many years, we have encountered many unique design and manufacturing challenges that have called for an equally unique solution.

The design of your PCB will inevitably affect the manufacturability of your final product, so it is first of all important to approach your PCB design from a manufacturing perspective. Once an engineer completes a successful proof-of-concept prototype, the PCB design is generally reworked to accommodate a number of items, such as housing/enclosure fit, hardware, mounting, exterior connections (for power cords, SD cards, etc.). It is not uncommon for a device to comprise several PCB’s connected via headers, ribbon cables and/or flex circuits. When this is the case, it is vitally important to arrange components in a manner that a.) does not affect the intended function of the unit, and b.) does preserve the integrity of the components to ensure maximum product lifespan. This is not an easy task, which is why we advise clients to consult with their manufacturing house to address any manufacturability issues before the final PCB layout is produced.

Luckily at our facility, we have the manufacturing house and PCB design services all under one roof. This allows us to check and double-check all manufacturing aspects before the first order of production PCB’s is placed. This will undoubtedly save money, time and stress.

Stay tuned here for frequent articles to help inform your PCB manufacturing endeavors!