DSC_0909We have been providing quality electronic manufacturing and PCB assembly services to the Colorado Front Range and the rest of the United States since 1995 as Clear Blue Engineering.  Mountain Manufacturing, founded in 2013, represents the dedication of additional resources to our contract manufacturing operations in order to provide a higher level of quality, flexibility and accountability to our clients.

It comes as no surprise to anyone that manufacturing anything in the United States has become increasingly difficult in recent years unless you have a bloated budget.  While we generally cannot compete with China for large-scale electronic manufacturing, it is our intention to make affordable, high-quality manufacturing an option to procure right here in the United States.  Our neighbors here in the Boulder Valley are launching a mind-blowing array of new devices weekly that require a high level of attention and precision and we aim to provide that to them and anyone else who seeks it.  As any innovator can tell you, the hardest part is getting off the ground.  We want to help smooth your path to takeoff and lighten your burden so you can soar.

Our process, developed and refined over the course of our 17-year history, allows us the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ changing needs while maintaining a high standard.  We also offer a unique value by having an engineering firm in house to assist with manufacturing issues.  This has proved to be especially valuable for some of our clients.  We look forward to discussing ways that we can provide a value to your operation.

Mountain Manufacturing
1650 Coal Creek Drive, Suite E
Lafayette, Colorado 80026

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Mountain Manufacturing

1650 Coal Creek Drive, Suite E Lafayette, Colorado 80026 USA