Electronic Manufacturing

SMT AssemblyWe understand that a every manufacturing project comes with unique challenges that must be overcome logically and quickly in order to keep production flowing.  We offer a flexibility that is unmatched by our competitors.  Our structure encourages constant process improvement which is facilitated by constant, direct communication between production floor staff and project managers.  This can benefit you a number of ways, saving you money on material costs, product attrition, and in certain cases can find and address critical problems early on as to avoid product recalls.  If a problem is found on the production line, an engineer is immediately assigned to the problem and you will be notified of the issue, along with a list of options to correct the issue within minutes.

We treat every product with the utmost care throughout the entire manufacturing process.  And by offering a full range of services under one roof right here in the USA, we allow you save significantly on transportation costs.

Our manufacturing experience spans a wide number of industries and products.  We have manufactured everything from simple consumer electronic devices to mission-critical healthcare and scientific devices.  Whether you are launching a product for the first time or have several successful products under your belt, our hope is to benefit your project by increasing quality, reducing costs and simplifying your manufacturing operation.