PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Our PCB assembly services begin when we receive the components for your build.  Whether you provide them or we source them for you, we will begin a process of verifying each component against your bill of materials for accuracy.

Next, we check to ensure that each component matches the footprint on your PCB design and that all polarity markings and orientations are clear.  Once all materials are confirmed to be correct and in-hand, we will build one unit for your approval.  When you verify the correct assembly of the board, we will proceed with production of the balance of your order.

Certain boards and/or components can present challenges, particularly when it comes to running your board through the oven.  We will dial in the ideal oven profile for your board to ensure solid connections and an even application of heat.

We can use RoHS compliant (lead-free) solder paste if your product requires it.

We are currently running three MyData automatic pick and place machines which allows us to produce over 3,000 PCB’s daily.  The machines will handle any PCB ranging from 19mm x 19mm to 12.5″ x 18″.

Please use our PCB Assembly Estimate tool to get an instant estimate for small run production of your circuit board.  This page also lists many of our standard fees related to PCB assembly. Contact us directly for a large-run PCB assembly quote.