PCB Layout

We can provide quick and reliable PCB layout services for any type of circuit board you require.  All we require is your schematic(s) and the mechanical requirements of the board and we will provide a stunning PCB design that is ready to send out for fabrication.  We specialize in single-layer and multi-layer PCB, but we can handle virtually any type of PCB design imaginable including flex circuits and interconnected configurations comprised of multiple PCB’s.

Allowing us to layout your PCB will assure that no rookie mistakes are made, such as making your trace angles too acute or using the wrong footprint for a component.  Several factors need to be considered during the layout process that will affect the overall manufacture of your product.  For example, components need to be strategically placed so that during reflow in an oven, all solder joints receive the even heat that is required for proper reflow.  We will provide you a design that is both functional and ideal for manufacture.

Please enter the parameters of your board into our Instant PCB Layout Estimate tool to find out how much your new PCB layout will cost.