Prototype Assembly

Prototype PCB AssemblyAssembling your first prototype from your design is often a critical step in your venture. If it is not completed correctly, it can have dire consequences, especially if it means missing important benchmarks in the development of your product. It it extremely important to get the right materials to facilitate proper fit and function.

Our extensive vendor network means that we can help you source the components and materials you need to bring your design to life. In addition, having us review your design before ordering materials can help to eliminate potential areas of concern. For example, an incorrectly designed mechanical component can cost you upwards of $10,000 to correct because tools/molds created without proper features may need to be heavily modified or rebuilt entirely to facilitate adequate production for your needs.

The process of bringing a new electronic product to life can take many shapes and can be limited or very involved. A simple circuit board design will typically be milled onto copper-clad board so that the creator can verify the design before moving onto fabricated PCB’s. Electromechanical designs will, of course, have a housing that the PCB will need to mate to. One would typically have plastic parts produced first via a Stereolithography (SLA) process to verify fit before moving to a soft tool and then onto a hard tool.